Our team at Broadstreet Capital along with our various builder partners are proud to be a pioneer in the Build-to-Rent space for SFR investors. Offering end-to-end construction services for large portfolio buyers and institutional groups seeking new inventory on a consistent basis. Our extensive knowledge in both SFR investments & construction makes it seamless for out team to deliver custom tailored product for our clients acquisition goals without giving them the hurdles of a traditional retail home builder. Whether it involves land/lot acquisitions, entitlements, budgeting, optimizing floor plans for rental returns, we believes in a fully transparent partnership to ensure each project finishes to our client’s needs. 


We focus residential development and multi-use buildings in sustainable growth markets. Working closely with the city to take on projects through preservation, historical, and new construction as we identify needs and opportunities. 



Our new construction homes are positioned within high growth markets, our approach is quality construction and a simplified buying experience for both our investors and owner-occupied properties.


Why Build-to-Rent?

  • Eliminate barriers of entry to new build single-family homes for the individual & institutional investor.​

  • Deliver new construction SFR’s in bulk within targeted locations, creating a preferred unit density with ability to spread out closings/take downs in order to not hinder leasing abilities.


  • Work seamlessly with an experienced and knowledgeable team, diverse leadership comprised of SFR operators, developers, and home builders.

  • All of our B2R homes come with a 1-2-10 builder warranty and are built to high energy-efficiency while focusing on value engendering to reduce cost and increase yield.

  • B2R product in newer communities offers low maintenance, long-term tenants, as well as premium rental rates for optimal longer term hold positions.

  • Investor has options to select floor plans or units in production that most meet their investment criteria (based on availability at the time).

  • Investors can acquire as little as 1 unit or up to 50+ units 

  • Our programs can allow for consistent delivery of units per quarter with a master agreement in place, steady pipeline of assets across several markets to reduce the stress of your acquisition needs.​




Broadstreet has established great relationships with some of the largest land owners, brokers and developers in our operating markets to help provide a full turn-key operation to our investors. From 15 lot infill opportunities to 50+ lot raw land development Broadstreeet has the experience and knowledge you need if you are seeking build-to-rent assets in TX, GA, & MI.

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We understand what the SFR investor is seeking in their turn key home. Once location and unit count is selected our team works to ensure that every aspect of a house is utilized for maximum rental return. Having a deep understanding of materials & finishes that require the least amount of maintenance while also offering a premium look & feel to the tenant demographic.