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We are a close group of successful real estate brokers, entrepreneurs, investors, and business coaches. If you already took a look at the eXp model and said no, that is 100% understandable (we did the same). But the truth is that you were simply approached by the wrong person who did not provide a strategic long-term alignment in your market.


At eXp, only the top 3% of the company builds the biggest teams, retains top talent, and scales into high six-figure/seven-figure residual income via "Revenue Share" (FYI, you earn for life and then can pass this down to your family)


With that being said, we are not like the bottom 97% of eXp agents that you hear about or that have "pitched" you on eXp. Accel Agent is the train, eXp Realty is simply the train track that allows us to gain the most leverage. We are top performer's, industry leaders, and we are set up to duplicate everything for YOUR SUCCESS. Don't miss the boat, leverage this Global Brokerage Platform using our proven Accel team expansion systems, exclusive local seller leads, team training, investment partnerships via private Fund and more. All designed for unparalleled growth, profitability, & secure retirement/legacy.