With having completed well over a thousand transactions with clients ranging across seven countries we are a top choice for both individual investors & institutional firms looking to build their portfolios or source specific opportunities within our operating markets. Our team and full-service platform handles every aspect of the transaction for our clients. It may be called passive investing, but only because we do the heavy lifting! 

Our team navigates all of the hurdles for you, helping take the guesswork out of real estate investing by providing the local, out of state, and the overseas investor a proven turnkey platform & post-sale support program. At InvestorVision, we are here to help you succeed by minimizing risk and maximizing your profitability in real estate!

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Realtor looking to 5X YOUR COMMISSIONS WORKING THE SAME HOURS while building a RECESSION PROOF REVENUE STREAM + becoming an EXPERT INVESTOR at the same time?

Each year, our network helps real estate investors (new & seasoned) with the purchase of hundreds of properties across the country for income & asset appreciation. We focus on areas with strong rental returns with an opportunity for capital appreciation in growing cities & neighborhoods. We understand that investors are looking for reliable, consistent and secure companies to work with for access to great product but even better service during and after the transaction. Our background, experience, and vertically integrated business model allows us to seamlessly provide quality investments & a premium service to clients worldwide. 

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Helen St | 48089

Area Size (sq/ft): 1,195

Bed: 3

Bath: 2

Rent: $1,200

Taxes: $2,850

Insurance: $600

Management: $1,440

ROI: 9%



White River Dr | 76179

Area Size (sq/ft): 1,775

Bed: 4

Bath: 2.5

Rent: $1,750

Taxes: $5,200

Insurance/HOA: $1,100

Management: $1,728

ROI: 7%



Romford Ln | 77530

Area Size (sq/ft): 1,480

Bed: 3

Bath: 2

Rent: $1,400

Taxes: $3,825

Insurance/HOA: $1,050

Management: $1,344

ROI: 6.25%